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3 July 2000

Hello and thankyou for stopping by. I have reconverted my files to another programme in the hope that it will work this time :) There has been a discussion room created on DALnet, IRC - #Vampirealm. Once I get some more time I can officially open it. If you are on IRC you may find me on DALnet in #Sanguinarius ( now offers free E-Mail redirection with 'your name at'

There are a few ways which I can be contacted by. On DALnet (IRC) as 'Panther}'; through ICQ at '72150651'; through E-Mail at; or you can leave a message in the Discussion Forum.

As you can see by the sections listed below that are yet to be added, this site is by not means complete - but I thought that if I published it now while I have a few sections covered it will make me feel more secure in that I am getting something done. I am planning to have at least one sector crossed off the 'coming soon' list every month into the site content. Be forewarned: the stone sector alone is currently 64 A4 pages in length, which means 64 A4 pages to hand type :) I don't want to even mention the number of pages in the Astrological sector...

x Stephanie.

If you send email to I get all excited coz my mobile tells me :)


1 ~ The Spiritul, Healing, Transformational and Metaphysical properties of Crystals and Healing Stones

2 ~ Magickal Oils, Brews, Herbs and Incense

3 ~ Meditation and Incantations

4 ~ Astrology


The History of Vampires




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